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RO Panels

RO Panels

we are the importer of RO Controller with Auto calibration for running current, dry run current settings much more advantages available below

Benefits of our RO control panel

• Clear wide LCD display (75mm x 50mm )
• MCB input control (To protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by over current or overload or short circuit)
• LPS and HPS control with sign display (Pressure switches monitor the system inlet and out let pressure of the High pressure pump. This controller to shut-down the RO booster pump and system when a pre-set pressure is reached. These can be used for low pressure or high pressure system protection.
• Treated water Tank level sensors with sensor(no need of additional float switches) to maintain the water level automatic.
• Electrical shock proof IP54 Sheet metal composite (SMC) Enclosure corrosion free from atmosphere.
• In & Out let cable Gland (Aesthetics look and to avoid from Loose connections)
• Filter feed pump protected from Dry run.
• Over load Production
• Over & under current
• Pump stalled (If pump struck due to bearing failure or impeller chocked)
• Prevent from Over & under voltage
• Auto flushing to improve membrane age and products from fouling the membranes.
• Open phase production
• RS485 Inter phase (this help to make Remote operation)
• Pump total running time (RWP &HPP)
• Alert with hooter provision
• Status indication for all operation
• Last 5 Fault memory can view.
• Auto start when dry run stop After 30 min (recovery time) factory set we can change as per out convenient.
• Motor ranges RWP UPTO 4kw & HPP UPTO 15KW
• 2nos of Dosing pump out
• Lot More option

Panel Variant
RWP-1Phase HPP-1phase
RWP-1Phase HPP-3 phase
RWP-3Phase HPP-3 phase

Heavy duty panel
Upto RWP 5.5HP 3phase upto 20hp HPP 3phase
(RWP-Raw Water Pump & HPP- High Pressure Pump) Download PDF for RO Panel