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UV System

UV System

SAP use special low-pressure mercury vapor lamps to produce ultraviolet radiation at 254 nm, the optimal wavelength for disinfection and ozone destruction, our systems are capable of striking bacteria, algae, fungi Pr protozoa and rendering them harzmless. The UV units are built with high efficiency UV lamps surrounded by Quartz glass sleeves to isolate the bulbs from water contact thereby preventing thermal shock, glass breakage and mercury contamination. The sleeves also ensure very high transmission of UP energy with lesser losses.

The bulb with sleeves is accommodated in predsion engineered SS vessel. A wiper assembly is provided for periodic deaning of Quartz glass for all models (optional). An electronic ballast operating on 230V, single phase, 50 Hz, 11( triggers the UV bulb and ensures minimum power consumption.


0.25-100m3/hr in online & open tank from 100m3/hr

Technical Specification
UV System

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